Saturday, September 02, 2006

Let them eat yogurt

For the past month I've had to fight off bronchitis with two rounds of antibiotics. The second one kicked its butt, and I started to feel better. Then one evening, Kathy cranked up the air conditioning, and I was sitting in my shorts (summer shorts, silly, not the other kind) and the cold air chilled my poor little legs and I got sick again.

Now people (you know--doctors, nurses--that kind of people) say that is not how one becomes ill. Well, it's how I get sick. Walk outside with wet hair: sick. Walk outside in a cold wind with no hat: sick. Sit in an icy movie theater without a sweater: sick! I think she must be doing it for the insurance money, but I've foiled her plans.

I went to the doctor today, though my regular guy was not there. I talked to this younger doctor who was rightly concerned about all the antibiotics I've been taking. He talked about how the drugs were killing all my bacteria, including the good ones. He suggested that I eat yogurt to get some more bacteria into my system. Sounded wacky to me, but Kathy said he was right. She even went out and bought me a bunch of Yoplait containers. Blueberry. My favorite.

Maybe she's willing to wait for the insurance money.


At 9/02/2006 4:29 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Yep, yogurt is supposed to do the trick...Activa or something


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