Saturday, June 06, 2009

Where have i been?

Jeepers, I didn’t realize that it had been that long since I last posted—May 17. So here’s what’s been happening: I spent Memorial Day weekend in NJ visiting my dad and sibs. We had a great time catching up on everyone’s doings, especially those of all my talented nieces and nephews. One niece’s summer job involves delivering clothes from a fashion designer to celebrities’ houses. She’s met some au currant people I never heard of, though. A nephew—a law student—is working for a judge, another niece leaves soon for a teaching job in Switzerland—they are a busy bunch.

On Memorial Day itself, my sisters and I were drafted as marchers for the Democrats in the town where our brother is on the town council. We were a small but popular group as we slung candy at the kids lining the parade route. It’s gotten to be like Halloween now, as kids expect treats at every parade, even to the point of bringing bags to haul away their loot.

Back at home, Shane and Max went to a classical kids concert on Saturday, both of them dressed up in pants and collared shirts like young gentlemen. Since Max knows all the words to some song called “Holla back” and likes a song by Beyoncé, Shane thought he better get some culture. They both liked the music, sitting in a box in the big concert hall. Back on Election Day, Shane took Max to the polls and allowed him to fill in the circle by the issues on the ballot. Later Shane told us that Max had voted. He reached out his hand and touched his father’s arm saying, “Technically, Dad, technically”.

Earlier in the week, he had to go to the ER for a cut on his heel. They put a purple bandage on it, and he groused about how everyone would laugh at him at school since to him it looked like a “girl’s “ bandage. What did he do when he returned to school the next day? Went around saying, “Hey everybody, look at my cool bandage!!”