Monday, September 04, 2006

42 Things About My Dog

1. He rarely steps in his own pee.
2. When we feed him he will wait for the command before he starts to wolf down his food.
3. He will wait for the magic words: “Go eat!”-usually.
4. He seems to be attached to me, since he follows me from room to room.
5. He came to us very well trained from our daughter.
6. During the day he rotates from a bed in the family room to one in the living room for no apparent reason.
7. If he can he will sneak into my chair while we are gone for the day.
8. Our walks go better when it is cooler out.
9. He plods along very slowly when it’s hot.
10. People always stop us to ask what kind of dog he is.
11. Great Dane-Lab is the answer.
12. Brindle is the color.
13. I didn’t know what brindle was until I saw his paperwork
14. He weighs 100 pounds.
15. Kathy wonders what will happen if he dies in the house.
16. After all, he weighs 100 pounds.
17. As big as he is, he’s afraid of thunderstorms.
18. When a storm rolls in, he’ll come into the kitchen and lie on the floor.
19. He’s not allowed in the kitchen.
20. At night, during a storm, he’ll scrunch up on the floor alongside my side of the bed.
21. He sees me as the alpha male or something.
22. He gets a treat every Saturday morning.
23. I keep his treats in the basement.
24. I tie him up outside for his treat because he gets all foamy when he eats it.
25. Whenever I’m home all day, he thinks it must be Saturday.
26. Whenever I tie him up outside, he thinks it must be Saturday.
27. Whenever I go into the basement, he thinks it must be Saturday.
28. We hide the kitchen trash can in the bathroom.
29. Thus, he hardly ever gets yelled at for making a mess.
30. Every morning we go for a walk around the block.
31. Every morning we see skunks in the neighborhood.
32. Apparently, he finds skunks fascinating.
33. Every night we go for another walk, much longer—about two miles.
34. There are lots of dogs in our neighborhood.
35. Our record for setting off barking dogs just by walking by in one evening is eighteen.
36. He does this head thing when he wants attention.
37. He puts his head in your lap and looks at you soulfully.
38. An ear scratch usually takes care of it.
39. He’s kind of dumb, but in a nice way.
40. He’s nine years old. We’ve had him for a little more than one.
41. He’s a chick magnet.
42. Let’s face it: he’s the best dog ever.


At 9/05/2006 4:23 AM, Blogger John Cowart said...

All the best to Kodiak!

At 9/05/2006 3:25 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

tellme which male would sleep in his won pee...come on!!!!!!


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